Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nothing ever goes away...

Good morning,

As you have read I have been having problems with my daughter and sleeping, well last night I thought I had finally caught a break. I throw darts on a league Monday nights, last night I didn't have a sitter so my wonderful dad watched Bella so I could play. I sent him frequent texts to make sure she was doing ok and to make sure he was doing ok as well.
About 9pm he put her to sleep so I figured by the time I got home (around 10:30) she would be awake and fighting sleep. I was in luck my princess slept until 2am!!!!!!!!! Before we all get excited the next few hours were terrible. She was up at 2,3,4 and than ready to go for the day at about 730! I wish I had her energy!
But I guess I should look at the positive, we are making progress. Now if I could just get her to sleep the WHOLE night...

So excited my husband gets to come home! Only for 1 day than it's back to Iowa for more work but reguardless I get to see him and Im supper excited about that. My wonderful mom is going to watch Bella for us tomorrow night so we can actually go on a date (something we haven't been able to do since we moved to Sioux Falls.) I just hope the weather holds out for him to actually get here. It's been snowing now for 3 days... UGH I hate snow. Whose dumb idea was it to move to South Dakota... Oh yeah mine! :(

Have a great day!

God Bless

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