Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ah the joys of motherhood...

Good Day everyone!

My husband is sure wonderful. As you all know I throw darts on a league monday nights and it's been real hard finding a babysitter all the young kids have jobs now-a-days. Anyway he drove ALL the way home just for a few hours so he could be home with Bella so I could go to darts. Than back to Sioux City Tuesday morning (which almost didn't happen because our truck is a POS) and home again Tuesday night for his day off (Wednesday.) Than he got up with Bella this morning around 830 and let me sleep until around 10. It felt good, even though Bella has been sleeping pretty well at night sometimes it's nice to sleep in.
Speaking of Bella she is getting WAY TO BIG! This morning she was playing under the dining table and went to stand up and smacked her head. Im pretty sure that just last week she could stand up under the table no problem, and she is such a monkey. She needs to climb on everything, it's cute but so dangerous at the same time. I think I have had a dozen mild heart attacks in the last week alone.
Im suppose to have a movie date with my mom today, but her back is hurting her so Im afraid we will have to skip it. :( Here I was excited to A: Do something with my mom. and B: Get a mommy break of my own.
As you all know we are still looking for a place to live. We have found a few apartments my only problem is I could much rather find a house but I guess you get what you get. Last night we found a few apartments so we are waiting to hear back from them. I hope things start working out for us. I sure could use a break here.

As Always God Bless

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  1. Sorry about yesterday. Back still isn't any better, but since we were able to get some craft project stuff last night for my guest design spot we can try to work on that on Sunday. 1 more week till another "festive Friday" also.