Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Challenge (Wacky Wednesday)

Two posts in one day! WOW Im on a roll.
So last week my DM and I were talking I mentioned that the next time she does a challenge I would like to participate and enter myself. Today I went into her craft room to see what she was making. She showed me this very cute card. You should check it out at Creativity is Only a State of Mind. She told me that she was entering it in a challenge for Wacky Wednesday, where the colors were Brown, Pink. and Green. So I started thinking. And this is the cute idea I came up with:

White card base (5 1/2 x 4 1/4)
Pinkcard stock (5 1/4 x 4)
Three different shades of brown for the log (Pooh and Friends)
Green for the lily pad (Found on google)
Light green for the frogs (Paisley)
Two shades of pink for the frogs tummys
Brown marker
Stamp and Black ink
Google Eyes

This card was a little more complex then im use to. Each cut out had three or four layers but with my DMs help I got it all put together and figured out. Im not very happy with all the stamp turned out for some reason It wasn't very dark so im sorry it's hard to see. I used the brown marker to accent the edge of the pink paper, again it's kind of hard to see so I apologize for that also. Well I hope you enjoy!

As always
God Bless


  1. Great job. I love the idea you had.

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